Weather in Florida

A lot of people would love to visit the Orlando area but are concerned about the weather in Florida. Case in point is my aunt. My mom keeps telling me she wants to come and visit but is waiting for nice weather. She thinks it is too hot here.

Too hot in October? Seriously? Okay, well, yeah, it actually is a bit on the warm side lately. But it’s not that bad. Okay it was bad yesterday because I was at the craft festival and I was sweltering. But right now as I step outside it is quite pleasant.

And what about the daytime? Still a bit hot. But we have had some nice days this month. Typically speaking you can assume the nice weather in the central Florida area will start in October, but honestly, sometimes it is November. But from then on out, until around March at least, it’s very pleasant. I love the winters in Florida. The summers, eh, not so much. But nowhere is perfect, right?

So if you have been hemming and hawing and wondering when is the best time to visit, just go ahead and buy your plane tickets or train tickets, or gas up your car and get a move on.

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