Discovery Cove Orlando Florida – Can You Really Swim With the Dolphins at Discovery Cove Orlando?

No vacation would be complete without a swim with dolphins, right? What? You’ve never heard of this? You don’t have swimming with dolphins on your list of things to do? Well you should! Discovery Cove Orlando Florida is an amazing way to spend an afternoon.

One thing I hear over and over is how friendly, knowledgeable, and downright lovely the staff at Discovery Cove is. That’s always a big plus in my book. There is nothing like a rude employee to ruin an otherwise fun experience. So it’s nice to know that won’t happen at Discovery Cove.

So just what is Discovery Cove anyway? It is an attraction adjacent to Sea World Orlando and you’ll get a chance here to swim, touch, talk to, and interact with the lovely dolphins.

You’ll begin with an orientation and then, in groups, you will wade into the Dolphin Lagoon. For 30 minutes you’ll be free to meet a dolphin, play, and get to know each other with hugs, kisses, and eventually a swim with the dolphin through the lagoon.

But swimming with dolphins is not all you can do here. There is also a tropical river where you can take a leisurely trip and see waterfalls, underwater caves, an interactive aviary, and more.

In Ray Lagoon you can swim, snorkel, or wade in the water with the rays, which are actually very gentle, contrary to popular belief.

Visit the Aviary where you will find more than 30 species of beautiful birds including more than 250 birds. You can feed the birds and they will often come right up to you. It’s really amazing.

This is an extremely popular attraction, and reservations in advance are a must. Attendance is limited to 1000 guests per day due to the one-on-one interaction needed. Think of booking at least 2 months in advance to ensure you can go during your vacation. The admission packages are all inclusive so you just choose the one that best fits your needs. With your package you’ll get a locker, wetsuit, towels, mask. Also free parking, a place to shower, a souvenir snorkel, complimentary entry photo, continental breakfast, lunch, drinks, snacks, and access to the Aviary, Ray Lagoon, Coral Reef, Tropical River, resort pool, and even a 7-day consecutive pass to either Sea World in Orlando or Busch Bardens in Tampa.

So yes, it’s pretty pricey but you get quite a lot! I don’t know of anyone who has gone that has regretted spending the money. It’s really a one-of-a-kind attraction, and you’ll love the time you spend there. If you’re a Florida resident be sure to check into the discounts available to you as you can save quite a bit. Don’t miss Discovery Cove Orlando Florida, I know you will treasure your time spent there.

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